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Name:Faded Memories
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Plot:Set AU post season 4 mid season 5 of Angel around conviction. Team Angel's spent the last few months ,running Wolfram&Hart (with an alive Lilah as their liaison to the Senior Partners). Giles and Willow have joined them in their quest to do good with their resources. Giles now helps Wesley run the research department. And Willow's still trying to get used to having her own magics department. Cordelia woke up from her coma well rested,but upset with Angel when she found out what he'd done while she was in her coma. In Order to prove Cordelia wrong about his decision to take over the Firm, and in an attempt to pacify her he gave her her own office and her very own assistant.

While sifting through files and boxes of papers, Giles comes across a photograph of Wesley, Lilah and a little girl, who looks like them. He makes a note to ask Wesley about it. Meanwhile Willow uncovers an ancient text. The ancient text turns out to be a spell to bring back a lost loved one. Thinking she can use the spell to get Tara back willow performs the spell only to find she didn't bring back Tara, but instead she accidentally brings back a young girl that has been kept hidden, for sixteen years by the Senior Partners.

Disclaimer: All,but Sam belong to the all mighty Joss.

The Good:
Wesley Wyndam Pryce:[personal profile] hunterwes
Rupert Giles: NPC
Willow Rosenberg:NPC
Cordelia Chase: NPC
Charles Gunn: NPC
Lorne: NPC
Winfred (Fred)Burkle: NPC

The Questionable:
Lilah Morgan: [personal profile] satanlawyer
Samantha Morgan-Pryce: [personal profile] angelinprada

The Bad:
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